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Clean & Pristine Reopening Plan

The Green Turtle Club Resort & Marina Clean & Pristine Reopening Plan

We are grateful to welcome back our guests under new Clean & Pristine safety measures to offer you a break to come stay here with us at the beach. We are committed to taking every health precaution above and beyond to allow our doors to reopen on June 15, 2020. We are thankful for the hard work by the Tourism Readiness & Recovery Committee and all involved to make this reopening under our new normal as safe as possible for everyone. We will comply with all regulations put forth and are highlighting our main strategies for reopening here:

Personal Protective Equipment

Our staff will be wearing masks and gloves in sync with the CDC guidelines as well as the Tourism Readiness & Recovery Committee. The front desk, chandlery, and bar will have a clear barrier between staff and guests at all times. We will have masks and buffs available for sale in our gift shop for our guests convenience.

Temperature Checks

Every single staff member will have his or her temperature checked at the beginning of each shift to ensure no one with symptoms comes on property and logged on a track sheet. We will encourage guests to do the same before they depart to come see us and again upon arrival. Any person who has a temperature of over 100.4 degrees will need to self quarantine.

Social Distance

We are requesting that everyone observe a 6 foot distance between themselves and other guests at all times. We will be providing opportunities to make this possible throughout our property. Staff will refrain from handshakes, hugs, or physical contact with guests.


All public spaces will be sanitized in a constant rotation every hour, or after each use whichever is the more frequent. The rooms will undergo a new two-step deep cleaning process to ensure the highest standard of sanitation occurs between each guest. All sanitization products will meet the highest EPA approved criteria.


All staff will participate in the online training seminar regarding symptoms, operating standards, physical distancing, and sanitization standards.


All dishware will be run through a commercial dishwasher twice over at a high temperature and commercial grade dish detergent. Frequent handwashing minimum timed 20 seconds will be enforced with all restaurant staff. Dining area will be sanitized in between each guest use. Kitchen will receive a deep clean every single evening after use. Clear barriers will be between guests and bartender.

Retail/Front Desk

Returns and exchanges will be suspended. Clear barriers will separate guest and staff member at check in and at Point of Sale. Hand sanitizer will be available everywhere for guest use.

Boaters Requirements once in The Bahamas
  • On arrival (having cleared at local ports of entry), anyone disembarking at a marina will be subject to any other screening mandated by Ministry of Health, such as taking of temperature.
  • While clearing Customs & Immigration, crew and passengers are required to wear a mask, covering the nose and mouth.
  • Do not shake used or unused clothing, sheets, or cloth items on the docks or anywhere in the marina.
  • No rafting of vessels.
  • Fish cleaning stations limited to one person at a time.
Marina Personnel
  • All marina personnel will wear masks, covering the mouth and nose.
  • Fuel Attendants will wear masks and gloves and may hand customers the fuel dispenser nozzle but should remain ashore. Customers are to remain onboard the vessel.
  • Office personnel will always wear masks and observe regular hand washing regimen.
  • Staff will maintain at least two meters /six feet distance between each other and guests.
  • Staff will isolate anyone who is coughing or sneezing until appropriate tests can be performed.